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Group Fitness In Jackson, NJ

Weight loss is challenging enough without dreading boring workouts that produce only minimal results for the effort. If you’re ready for a challenging workout routine that will produce real, discernible results in a fun and engaging atmosphere, try a kickboxing group fitness class at CKO of Jackson. Kickboxing is proven to be one of the fastest ways to burn fat and get fit, and we offer this powerhouse workout in a friendly, supportive environment.

Our classes are fresh and exciting, and our gym members are encouraging of each other rather than competitive. It’s our goal to ensure that you’re never bored; we want you to look forward to your workouts. We provide:

  • A workout that combines strength, cardio, and flexibility training
  • Motivating trainers to help you stay on track
  • Enough hanging bags to ensure that you never have to wait for one

We offer classes for both men and women and encourage everyone to work and grow at their own pace within our hour-long, nonstop classes. When you’re ready to try a kickboxing group fitness class, call CKO of Jackson. We’re sure that once you try us, you’ll be hooked.

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